Tuesday 9:12am
From: Patrick Riddle (Former College Dropout)
To: The Next Certified Strategic Investor

I’m glad you made it here.

Because I’m about to show you how to get one of my best training courses of all time – 100% FREE!

But first, let me ask you a question:

Are you tired or frustrated with your lack of results so far in your business? Are you an AFW?

What if I told you, “Most guru’s/experts that sell courses online leave out the single most important training that you must have to actually implement and get results”…would you believe me?

It’s true.

If you doubt me, just look at the failure rate among students in this industry. It makes me sick.

But the truth is…

In this letter you’ll discover the ‘missing pieces’ that 99.9% of investors never learn about.

In fact, I’ll say this, “The information you’ll discover here is vital to your success with every opportunity or business you’ll ever get involved with“…period.

It’s the pre-requiste to every single course, training, or mentoring program you’ll ever use.

It’s The Guarantee That All The Courses And Products You Buy Will Actually Work For You…and Not End Up On The Bookshelf!

This program turns AFW’s or Average Frustrated Wannabe’s into real players. Real business people with real businesses that make REAL money!

And here’s the great news…the Certified Strategic Investor program works in every single area of the real estate world. You can use this system to make MORE money with:

  • Foreclosure real estate
  • Short sales
  • Wholesaling
  • Flipping
  • Mobile home investing
  • Tax sales & liens
  • REO investing
  • Using private lenders
  • Rentals & lease options
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial
  • Self storage investing
  • Everything!

This Is Hands Down The Most Critical Training You Need To Bring In REAL Profits Fast!


Let me go backwards for a moment and tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Patrick Riddle and I’ve been a real estate investor since I did my first deal in November of 2002 and since then I’ve done well over a hundred deals and am recognized as the nations leading expert in using and acquiring private money. I’ve known no other career outside of real estate investing. But it wasn’t always easy and I certainly made my fair share of mistakes.

I made just about every mistake in the book!


But the thing that really held me back wasn’t that I wasn’t smart enough or that I didn’t know what I was suppose to do, it was that no one had ever taught me. It was that…

I Had HUGE Holes In My P.A.N.T.S!

P.A.N.T.S is my acronym for the 5 most important aspects of every business and if you have deficencies in any of these areas you could be on the fast track to a major train wreck, just like I was, until I fixed my holes.

P.A.N.T.S stands for…

P = Planning

A = Accountability

N = Network

T = Tools

S = Systems

  • I was suffering from a MASSIVE case of information overload! (can you relate?)
  • I couldn’t move forward because I had missing gaps in my process and strategies!
  • I had no accountability whatsoever… so I had trouble getting things done!
  • I had horrible planning and no clear vision as to where I was really going!
  • I was wearing all the hats in my business so EVERYTHING had to go through me, which meant very little if any free time and lot’s of frustration!
  • I was missing key systems and tools to get things done properly!
  • I had nowhere to get my questions answered! (this was HUGE… because deals happen in real time and without a quick reliable source of answers to my questions, I was up the creek without a paddle)


Then I discovered I was an AFW an Average Frustrated Wannabe and if I ever wanted to have a real business with real profits, that had to change, and fast! Because the truth is…

Average Frustrated Wannabes Struggle and Fail While Strategic Investors Succeed Massively

My life changed forever when I implemented my proprietary Certified Strategic Investor P.A.N.T.S Formula. I was finally able to put all the pieces together in my business and build the lifestyle and the business of my dreams.

Introducing The Certified Strategic Investor Training Program

Over the past few years I’ve been developing unique processes that transform AFWs into massively successful investors in the fastest, easiest, and most results certain way ever developed…

… and the secret to making that happen for the hundreds of investors I’ve already helped and for you is transforming AFWs into strategic investors.

Right here, right now, I’m going to show you how to stop working harder and harder and start working smarter and smarter by becoming a Certified Strategic Investor.

Each module in the Certified Strategic Investor program leads you through my P.A.N.T.S system and is designed to give you specific actions steps and strategies you can implement now for maximum results!

A 5 Week Transformation That Will Dramatically Change Your Business!

5 weeks?!?!! ….why does it takes 5 weeks Patrick?

Well, that’s a great question and one that I’m glad you asked.

One of the biggest factors for failure in the industry is OVERWHELM. It can strike us all, even when we least expect it… and honestly the only way to truly transform yourself and your business is piece by piece. You want to make sure you get everything right so that you achieve maximum results right??

That’s why I’ve developed the Certified Strategic Investor Program to be delivered over time. It’s broken up into bite size chunks that you can handle, absorb, implement.

It’s one of the reasons  that my students get such amazing, long lasting, and REAL results.

Look At What A Few Of My Students Are Saying…

“I flipped 2 properties…”


Case Study
Name: Eric Blow
Location: Herndon, VA
Experience: Suffering from paralysis by analysis!

“When I started with Patrick, I was a self taught newbie real estate investor suffering
from paralysis by analysis.

Then I found Patrick and I found that I really enjoy his wealth of info and abundance of
knowledge he shares. Within a month of working with Patrick I was already
negotiating my first deals
for Wholesale properties or possible rehabs.

I learned a ton of small but important things from Patrick that I couldn’t learn on my own
or without good coaching.  After 3 months I had wholesaled 2 properties and one
lease option

At this point is where I realized that I wanted to do more, so I started rehabbing and have
done 3 rehabs in the last 6 months for great profits.

I owe a lot to Patrick for teaching me about how to run a business as well as make the
right decisions in my real estate investment deals. I would recommend anyone to his

program. In my opinion, it is a the best you can find!”

– Eric Blow, Certified Strategic Investor

“I’m really happy that I found you…”

“I am pleased that I came across you. You really seem to want to help and this CSI
program is a lot of great information.

I have bought several courses that were much longer than the CSI course, and I am here to
tell you that I have received better and more information than the others and less, less,
less expensive! Thanks again. Can’t wait to meet you one day.”

– Michael Goodwin

“May God Richly Bless You…”

“Great information that stimulated my entrepreneur thinking.

May God richly bless you Patrick for your sincere willingness to impart such great
knowledge, experience and information into the lives of those in need of such blessing.
You’re the real deal man!”

– Ben J. Rodriguez

“My favorite module was Accountability”

“Patrick, I’m doing the 5 modules of CSI. I was feeling like it might be more elementary
than I need right now. I was wrong, very worthwhile! My favorite module was Accountability.
Specifically, the mind mapping, transfer to daily task, to visual tracking. I love getting to check
something as done ;D

AND you included a set of 53 forms, plus a couple of the systems trainings!

You have so much info provided for students, if one doesn’t succeed, it’s by personal choice
of not doing each step.” – Heather McCann

“Love the PANTS Analogy”

“I was telling a friend recently how frustrated I was because all these systems start you on
step 10 instead of step 1 and newbies like me can’t get off the starting blocks. I totally agree
the foundation has to be solid, in place and working for you to take action.

Looking forward to each module. Thanks Patrick – you rock!!!”

– Terri Malinski

“I like your style…”

“I am ready for your program to close the holes in my P.A.N.T.S. I like your style…and the
acronyms are easy to help make points and remember them. Thanks for making yourself
accessible and bringing such quality content into my life.”

– Mark Moffett

Here’s A Breakdown of What You’ll Learn When
You Join The 5 Week Certified Strategic Investor
Program FREE Today:

Module 1: (P) Planning

If you want to be great, you’ve gotta plan to be great. In this module you’ll learn how to build a realistic and results oriented plan that you can confidently follow to success. The ability to intertwine your business and life plans is of paramount importance. That’s why I’ll should you how to determine and develop each and then marry them perfectly together.

  • How to avoid goal setting sabotage, for good
  • Why your goals leave you disappointed and how to fix it
  • My can’t fail 4 part planning system that works every time
  • My personal cheat sheet and take home PDF document to use and follow
  • The 8 core areas you must address for REI and life success
  • The REI Litmus Test, how to determine the ‘right’ REI business model for You
  • Discovering your niche and determining
    • Your exit strategy upfront (not after the fact)
    • The best property type
    • Price ranges for success
    • And your focus area
  • How to develop layers of credibility and take your biz to the next level
    (or get it off the ground and make it official, for beginners)
  • Now This Is Where The Big Money Is – Your Marketing Plan!
  • How to make marketing easy
  • My personal marketing arsenal delivered to You

Finally in Module 1, we’ll tie everything together into the perfect, fool proof, custom-made-for-you REI business plan

Plus, a special Module 1 Bonus:

You’ll get your own copy of the official Strategic Investor Manifesto printable document

Module 2: (A) Accountabilty

One of the biggest secrets to my success has been the ability to hold myself accountable to specific results I wanted for myself and for my business. But this wasn’t always a natural skill for me. I had to learn how to use accountability to give me an unfair advantage over my competition and in this module, you’ll learn how to do that too!

  • Walk through my personal 2 part system for guaranteed results
  • How to find, set-up, and benefit from a successful accountability partner
  • Embrace my weekly ‘take-action’ planning system that manages the biz for you
  • Understand the different layers of experts and mentors that you need
  • Never again be mislead by information or other AFW-“gurus”
  • Find out the right way to choose a local Mentor
  • Get 5 specific strategies to find local resources WITHOUT having to pay upfront
  • Learn this ONE question that makes everyone want to help You
  • Discover the true ‘line-in-the-sand’ that separates AFWs from Strategic Investors

Module 3: (N) Network

Everyone knows… it’s not just what you know, but WHO you know. That’s why in this module I’m going to share my secrets for building your success network. You’ll discover how to surround yourself with a championship team!

  • How to ‘network’ the right way, to accelerate your progress and get what you want
  • Learn the top 3 questions that ALWAYS lead to profitable contacts (at the 1st meeting)
  • Discover this completely different strategy for achieving ultimate credibility
  • How to choose the right groups to be involved with
    • You’ll get my list of every type of group and what they’re good for, removing all the guess work, countless wasted hours, and trial and error from your networking forever more
  • Gain the ONE thing that stands in between you and your REI success
    (it starts with a “C” and I’m going to help you get all that you need)
  • Uncover the fortunes hidden in your contact list with my follow-up system. Everybody tells you to do it, I’m going to show you exactly how to get the job done

Plus, a Module 3 Bonus:

You’ll get my Network Magic Opener priceless PDF reference document, this you can use in all networking situations to win friends, find profitable deals, discover important local resources, and make valuable connections. All from this one document, yours to keep and put to use.

Module 4: (T) Tools

In this module I’ll show you the exact tools you need to make your business easier, more fun, and much more profitable. Some of these amazing productivity and information tools can cut your work in half or more.

  • How-to maximize the number one deal getting, contact finding, and opportunity discovering tool you’ll ever have in your business.
  • I’m going to give you my personal arsenal of important REI documents such as
    • Seller lead questionnaire that saves you time and qualifies sellers fast
    • Buyer’s list building form that turns properties into profits
  • I’ll uncover every major resource for Market Analysis, including:
    • Local Records
    • Free Comp Sites
    • Paid Comp Sites
  • Discover the fast and easy way to go behind the scenes and gain MLS access
  • Get my number one resource for every real estate form and contract you need

Plus, a Module 4 Bonus:

You’ll get every tip, trick, and tool from Module 4 packaged up nicely in a PDF document you can keep with you at all times and use as your quick reference guide when you need anything for your REI biz

Module 5: (S) Systems

If you want to run a business that has the ability to operate without you behind the wheel every second of the day, you absolutely must have specific systems in place to make it a reality. Your ability to implement powerful systems within your business will be the hinge on which your success lies.

  • Discover how to kick your AFW days to the curb, now
  • Plug these 7 REI systems into your biz and step up to the big leagues
  • Liberate yourself from the dreaded admin and office work with this module
  • Including:
    • How to use contact management systems to automate your business and free up time for money making activities
    • Learn about the 3 most important websites every real estate investor must have and how to make yours better than your competitors without spending lots of money
    • Utilize my effective property management techniques through simple software or my excel spreadsheet approach
    • Get the easiest lead tracking system I’ve ever found and replicate my personal follow-up system that will double, even triple your income without added effort

In module 5, I take you behind the scenes inside my business and walk you through everything I do. Then, we take my systems and plug them into your business, as if I’m sitting with you at your desk helping you every step of the way.

And the result is, no more AFW investor, transforming you into a Certified Strategic Investor!


I’ve literally included everything for you here that you need. When you take me up on my very limited time offer below, you’re going to get access to a complete and easy step-by-step program that transforms you from an (AFW) Average Frustrated Wannabe into a Certified Strategic Investor.

Using this program is simple and the profound impact it’ll have on your business is truly priceless. Take a look at what these member’s had to say…

“$3,800/month In Cash Flow…”

“First off I want to thank you for all the great info you share! My wife and I have
been following you for about 2 years now. We are going through your CSI program
and love it! Currently we have about $100+K in private money and have built a
nice portfolio of 13 rental units cash flowing at $3,800/mo. Thanks again,”

– Josh Borcherding
Eau Claire, WI

“Better Than My $10,000
Coaching Program”

“Thank you Patrick for your CSI system and the PANTS formula. I am finishing
my 12 month coaching program with another group for $10,000.00 and it was
no comparison to your 5 week program. I have learned a lot from you already
and can’t wait for future trainings. Thanks.”

– Charlie Gumingo
Edina MN

Join The Elite 1% Of Investors And Become
A 100% Certified Strategic Investor!

When you complete this 5 week training program, you become a Certified Strategic Investor. And you’ll have an official certificate of expertise to prove that you’re a master investor and expert entrepreneur.

Hang it on your office wall, show it to your colleagues, use it for social proof, whatever. It’s yours and you will have earned it when you complete the 5 week training.

As a graduate of the program, you join an elite group. That’s why you’re going to get this kick butt certificate!


Getting Started Is Easy…

Now, I’m sure for a program like this (that’s designed to transform your entire business) that you’d expect it to cost a fortune… and to be honest, when I visited with 3 of the top “guru’s” in the industry, they told me that at the bare minimum this course was worth $997.

And this was before I showed them the ultra slick delivery method that makes students 10 times more likely to succeed!!

But if I make it $997, there’s a huge percentage of people who just won’t be able to justify this training for their business. I understand that.

So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to sell it for $997…

…I’m not even going to charge $497…

…Or $197!

…Today I’m going to give you the opportunity to get the 5-Week Certified Strategic Investor Training Program for FREE!

All you have to do is take a 30-day test drive in the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle for just $7!

Cancel For Any Reason & STILL Keep Lifetime Access

Yes, if you figure out that the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle isn’t right for you (for any reason), you can cancel your membership and still keep lifetime access to the 5-Week Certified Strategic Investor (CSI) Program.

That means you can get started today, risk-free, and start using the training in both the Certified Strategic Investor program… AND the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle. And like I mentioned, if you cancel your monthly membership, you’ll still have access to the 5-Week CSI Training Program… FOREVER!



Wondering What Awesomeness You Get With
Your Trial In The Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle?
Check This Out…


Here’s what you get when you start your 30-day test-drive today:


1) The Strategic Investor’s …

manifestocd2 This training is instantly available when you join today… and is designed to kick start your business and life as a Strategic Investor.

You’re going to LOVE it!

  • START HERE: The Strategic Investor’s Manifesto Audio Training
  • You’ll learn the easiest way to get started no matter what level of experience you have
  • Key insights and lessons to catapult you towards the success you deserve


2) Sharpening Your Ax: Your Monthly Assets & Coaching…

bundle-monthly2Look, if you want become a highly succesful investor and build a fun, thriving and profitable business, you MUST stay on top of your game.

Things change – the market, regulations, laws, and more – and your monthly assets and continuing ed will keep YOU on the cutting edge.

  • LIVE Monthly Training – Your “What’s Working Now” Brain Dump Sessions
  • Weekly Strategic Investor Lessons – Delivered Straight To Your Inbox
  • Swipe And Deploy – Your Tactical Resource Of The Month
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A Coaching Call – Directly With Patrick


3) The “Vault”: Your Private Training Library Of Archives…

training-vault-newAfter you join, you’ll immediately have access to our training archives in our private member’s area.

This. Is. Huge. These trainings alone could propel you to the next level in your real estate biz.

  • Archives Of 53+ Strategic Investor Lessons
  • Archives Of 21+ Full Content Training Sessions
  • Archives Of 21+ “Swipe & Deploy” Assets


4) Ridiculously Awesome Member Support…

We pride ourselves in “being there” when you need us. Deals happen in real time. So when you’re out there making offers, closing deals, and getting paid, you’re going to have some questions or ideas that you want to run by us – and that’s what we’re here for!

  • Answers To Your Questions
  • Contact Us Anytime
  • We WANT (and EXPECT) To Hear From You 🙂


Add ALL that to what you’re getting FOR FREE with the Certified Strategic Investor Training Program today and it’s a rather impressive pile of awesomeness, don’t you think?



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try out the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle completely risk-free for the next 30 days and get access to the entire Certified Strategic Investor Program as well. All for Just $7 bucks!

If you’re not 100% thrilled with the quality of the training and coaching you get during your test-drive, simply let us know and your membership will be immediately terminated and you won’t spend another dime.


Whoa, Whoa…What’s the Catch?!?”

I don’t blame you for thinking there is a catch. Truth be told, I would wonder why someone would give away so much great information for such a small price too. But honestly, there is no “catch”, I want to make sure I’m very upfront with exactly why I’m making this offer in the first place…

The reason I’m doing this is simple. I want you to try out our Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle program and I’m willing to give you a full 30-days to try everything out because I know what the training and coaching in my “Insider’s Circle” has done for our member’s businesses and if you decide to stay a member you’ll automatically be billed just $97 per month for as long as you’re a member. I want you to use the information and tools inside, soak up every ounce of information and use it to your full advantage.

If after the 30-day trial period is over, you feel like you’d like to part ways, no problem. I’ll be happy I got the chance to share all of this powerful information with you and you’ll be happy you got all that information for only $7!! That’s the risk I’m taking because I’m confident my training is among the best you’ll find.

I think that is more than fair, don’t you?

In fact, I’d say the deck is stacked BIG TIME in your favor. You have everything to gain and I have everything to lose if the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle isn’t everything I’ve said it is.

YES Patrick! I am ready to get started with the Certified Strategic Investor 5-Week Business Transformation Training Program right now.

I understand that I’m getting free access to the Certified Strategic Investor Program today because I’m saying YES to a 30-day $7 test-drive of the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle program. I also realize that I have a full 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee so there is no risk on my part whatsoever.

I’m ready to finalize my FREE enrollment for test-driving the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle for just $7 now…


Jump on this now.

Because if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Are you happy with your results in real estate investing? Are you making as much money as you know you should be?

Then join the Certified Strategic Investor Program. You can get everything today for only a $7 test-drive!

So go ahead and click the “Add To Cart’ button and start your training.

I’ll see you on the inside.

To your success,

Patrick Riddle

PS – I’m so positive that the Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle will deliver awesome results for you that I’m giving you the 5-week Certified Strategic Investor Training Program for FREE!  GET STARTED HERE!

PPS – Alright, seriously… it’s just $7 dollars. And look at everything you get…


Invest in yourself, you’re worth it 🙂